This articles was published on 2012-07-08

[CW 27] mruby news

What happened this week on the mruby front?

mruby Forum

It seems to exist already a bit longer but I saw the mruby Forum this week for the first time. You can join this forum now and it seems a non-profit organization will be created later this year. I didn’t yet found someone who explained me the agenda :-( But I would guess it is targeting future development and some kind of promotion work for the industrial and educational field.

Refactor mirb

Matz was working on refactoring my mirb code. He likes shorter variable names then what I usually use. So I guess I have to adapt my future patches a bit (-:


Module include Module

Masamitsu Murase was figuring out that mixins of Modules into Modules didn’t work as expected. Several patches to fix this behavior were submitted by Matz. I also submit some new Module test code.

Issue (Module Policy), Pull request (Module Tests)

Remove Threading left-overs

Due to the reason that there won’t be any threading support in mruby-core, Matz removed the left-overs from the code.


Parser Context

All parsing functions got a new argument for the context. This is usually not needed but if you want to predefine the context or if you parse inside an existing context and you want to pass these context-information forward you can use the new argument to give the following information to the parser:

  • local variables
  • filename
  • line number


Migration Support between instances

Not inside of the core but a proof of concept as a Gist on Github. Matz shows a piece of code with which it is possible to migrate objects from one mrb_state instance to another.