This articles was published on 2012-09-04

[August 2012] mruby news

I tried the other day to setup a mailing-list for mruby. Due to the reason that there isn’t any platform yet for discussions. While doing this I messed up a little bit my platform. So now everything is up and running again and hopefully we soon have some kind of mailing-list which we can use for further discussions.

Nevertheless back to normal…

What happened last month on the mruby front?


BEGIN/END was removed from the mruby syntax.



Handling of exit and quit was optimized inside of the mirb tool. Also the internal state was fixed in case of a syntax error.

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Xcode Integration

Paolo Bosetti was working on improving the Xcode integration (i.e. for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion).

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NaN Boxing

MRB_NAN_BOXING and MRB_ENDIAN_BIG was introduced for customising the mruby interpreter even more. The NaN Boxing is at the moment conflicting with the FLOAT implementation. Due to that MRB_USE_FLOAT and MRB_NAN_BOXING can’t be used at the same time.

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mruby tool with stdin

mruby can now read from the stdin if no argument is given. This gives more possibilities to connect mruby with other unix command line tools.

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puts optimization

`puts` should print “n” only when the argument does not end with “n”.


Exception Handling

Masamitsu MURASE was working on the exception handling and added additional tests.

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Struct crashed if no arguments were given.

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Garbage Collector

Add GC.disable and GC.enable to control the Garbage Collector.



Implement Math::TOLERANCE in C and modify precision.

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Improvement of Float

Float was fixed so that there is now enough precision to round and represent a Fixnum.

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