This articles was published on 2012-09-09

[CW 36] mruby news

What happened this week on the mruby front?

mrbc SEGV

A bug found by Joseph McCullough which raised a SEGV in mrbc was fixed.



An infinite loop in mrbtest raied in Visual Studion 9 was fixed.



Module and Time got #inspect and a SEGV of #inspect on classes was fixed. Kernel#inspect does not call #to_s anymore.

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Toplevel Object main

The toplevel object main was now introduced so that the behavior in the toplevel is now closer to the vanilla Ruby.

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Internet Initiative Japan Improvements

The other day I found a very interesting fork of mruby by the IIJ. Features added in this fork are:

  • Digest
  • ENV
  • File
  • IO
  • TCPSocket
  • UNIXSocket

I’m wondering if there is a plan that parts of these things are merged back to the master. Due to the reason that some authors of IIJ already commited to the master I would certainly expect so. Very interesting due to the reason that with these changes mruby can now interact with the world.