This articles was published on 2012-09-16

[CW 37] mruby news

What happened this week on the mruby front?

mrb_sym can be short integer

The most dramatic change this week is from my perspective the type change of mrb_sym from an integer pointer to a short. It is claimed that this change reduces the memory consumption by 10KB.



Matz added an Integer#step implementation.

ef17231bd776b266f1fe3132bde0fb6bbef90257 (Integer#step added), b4647224b765380e5f40d0af7927355709bce346 (Add test case for Integer#step )

String#+ is not behaving like MRI

A bug was reported by Masaki Muranaka. This one shows a difference between mruby and MRI. The code ” 1 2 ” + 3 evaluates to nil instead of raising an exception. This was fixed.



A SEGV while using was fixed by Tomoyuki Sahara.


Broken mingw on Windows 7

A warning fix from Shannen Saez broke the build environment of mingw under Windows 7. Shannen Saez fixed that with a second commit.

151d75b4e0964250792774f4acf50f2443cf95bf (Fixed Windows warning), 4df4dc9ecdc17894fb5a014684540858f5420c51 (Fixes #464 – mingw built issue)

NUL characters issue

Tomoyuki Sahara fixed an issue with NUL characters in a String.

ebf88eec6b3e486bc127c43e613968f92626426f (a string may have NUL characters), cef52c73c3b60da37e16f02dd0556941f6fea598 (Add Test Case for Issue #460)