This articles was published on 2012-09-24

[CW 38] mruby news

Not much happened this week in the repository. Next to the three mentioned commits I want to point to a pull-request on which I had worked the last 1 1/2 weeks. I want to introduce with this pull request an easy and standardised way to extend mruby with C and Ruby extensions. I call it at the moment mrbgems.

What else?


A bug found by Carson which caused a non functional yield of a cfunc proc was fixed by matz.

84008f99d (should adjust pc after OP_CALL), 44b28a83f85 (OP_CALL for cfunc must restore callinfo; close #476)

Due to the reason that GitHub has introduced a new feature to emphasis contribution terms. I created a fitting file and combined the existing code conventions into it.

5e16c2309f (re-formulate some sentences), 2493915a72f (Emphasis commands), fcf38cc86 (Add a contribution information file)

sh-elf target support

Masaki Muranaka added a cmake sh-elf target.

a55ffc78e8f2 (Generic sh-elf target support.)