This articles was published on 2012-11-16

[October 2012] mruby news

Due to work and my preparation for RubyWorld Conference I couldn’t keep up the last couple of weeks. Here now a first update of what happened on the mruby front in October 2012.

Avoid memcpy()

Masaki Muranaka has cleanup the code a bit by avoiding memcpy at quite a few locations.

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mrbc improvement

mrbc now takes input from STDIN.


Singleton improvement

A singleton classes is now able to have instance variables.


Division by 0

A division by 0 is now not crashing anymore but returns [Inf,NaN]. This is potentially incompatible to CRuby.


Fix Kernel#block_given?

Fix bug in Kernel#block_given? which always returned false.


Enumerable improvement

Enumerable#inject handles now empty enumerables.

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rescue fix

return and break had a bug in a rescue clause.

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Unexpected usage of break/next/redo/retry should raise a LocalJumpError exception.


raise C-API change

A new C-function with the name mrb_raisef() was introduced by Masaki Muranaka. It is basically the same as mrb_raise() but without being able to treat variable arguments.



Tomoyuki Sahara implemented a backtrace function.


Fix (get|set) const variable for Singleton

Get and Set for const variables wasn’t working for singleton classes.