This articles was published on 2013-05-16

Enzi Board delay [update]

A while ago I pre-ordered some of these red and cute Enzi boards. The board is specially interesting to me due to its Cortex M4 and the 196kb SRAM. The 96kb SRAM of the Arduino Due is a bit to little.

Sadly I got just now a mail that the planned released (April 2013) wasn’t possible for several unknown reasons. So there will still be quite some time to the release I guess :-( I would have wished to learn what the release problems are. Is it a design issue of the board or are they stucked in the manufactoring process? We also have every now and then issues with board productions, so I could understand such a issues.

Update [2013-05-17]

I was just informed that there are still important documents to be finish for legal and quality assurance reasons. Also some bugs still have to be fixed.

So all in all it seems promising. Lets look forward to the release.